NORDIKA is a French association, registered and based in Paris, created by the students of the Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Islandic) language department of Paris 4, La Sorbonne. It is organized and operated exclusively for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes in order to promote, preserve, and enrich the Scandinavian language and culture.

We organize many cultural exhibitions such as: conferences, video projections, Scandinavian movies, outings, and trips. We touch on many aspects of the Scandinavian culture (science, politics, arts, sports). Professors, scientists, alumni, artists, writers are all invited to share their experiences and to show an objective view of the Scandinavian way of life. 

We hope to establish relationships with Scandinavian firms in France and our students in order to introduce our students to the professional work force. We are hoping to develop a partnership with companies that would allow for our students to be exposed to the work force through practicums. Currently, we are working with the Scandinavian embassies, chambers of commerce and many other cultural associations and universities who have direct contact with the Scandinavian countries.